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 D-Tect sentry-RMS Remote Security Monitoring System


sentry RMS
 Remote Security
Monitoring System

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sentry RMS - Remote Security Monitoring System

The sentry-RMS (Remote Monitoring System) addresses matters of secure source storage and other insider threats It dramatically improves alarm communication and law enforcement response.  It is a highly secure networked monitoring station that allows real-time radiation, video and sensor monitoring by multiple operators across secure and encrypted data links. The PC monitoring software is easy to use and data and video logging is automatic. The Sentry-RMS is heavily encrypted and protected from physical tampering and network hacking.


The sentry RMS was developed to address issues within the new 10 CFR Part 37, which in part establishes security requirements for the use and transport of the most risk-significant quantities of radioactive materials.  The standard monitoring software, multiple cameras, and a radiation detector ensure that any area will be successfully secured. The Sentry-RMS is equipped with multiple tamper sensors to ensure the security of the unit itself. The unit also has additional inputs and outputs for adding more capabilities such as temperature, motion and other sensors as well as additional alarm systems such as lights and sirens.

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