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FHT 1377 GN PackEye


FHT 1377

Radiation Detection Backpack

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FHT 1377 GN-2 PackEye


The Thermo ScientificTM FHT 1377 GN-2 PackEye provides survey teams with a tool for effectively addressing the problems of orphaned sources, radiation contamination, and sources for malicious intent. By virtue of the proprietary NBR-technology (Natural Background Rejection) extremely low contributions of artificial gamma radiation are quickly detected, even with larger fluctuations of the natural gamma background radiation. The NBR measurement method has been developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific for extremely fast discrimination between natural and artificial gamma radiation. Worldwide, more than 10,000 devices based on this technology are in use. 


Unlike conventional spectroscopic based gamma identification systems, the systems using NBR do not require the presence and resolution of gamma spectral peaks, and unlike Sodium Iodide detectors, NBR detectors are stable at varying temperatures and for many years of real field use, with no regular re-optimization or stabilization with sources required. Because of this flexibility, NBR can also definitively distinguish artificial high energy beta sources and heavily shielded gamma ray sources from fluctuating natural background sources. Thus alarm levels in the order of 1 μR/h are achieved for SNM or heavily shielded industrial sources in outdoor environment. Such sources may be used in Radiation Dispersal Devices (RDD’s) known as “dirty bombs“. Artificial gamma radiation sources are identified in seconds by operators with basic training levels. Presence of artificial gamma radiation is simply indicated by a red flashing light and an audible alarm.





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