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 Mini Rad-DX -  Innovative, Compact & Sensitive Radiation Monitor


Mini Rad-DX
 Advanced PRD
Personal Radiation Detector

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Mini Rad-DX Advanced PRD


The Mini Rad-DX is the most advanced technology PRD on the market today. The Mini Rad-DX offers the exclusive SensorNet mesh network as well as the ability to be monitored system wide via WIFI to a central location, emailing or texting alerts to critical personnel.  The Mini Rad-DX has ability to display dose rates in mR/Hr or Sv/Hr units and save and display accumulated dose.  Several gigabytes of data and events can be stored and managed.


What is SensorNet Mesh Networking?  It is the ability for all enabled units to communicate to one another while passing along data to a central depository. Once the Mini Rad-DX comes within range of another Mini, or a Rad-DX Area Monitor, the units mesh together and act as transceivers and receivers and push the data to the DX View software or other remote monitoring software. With the GPS enabled, it is possible to know the exact coordinates of the ‘event’, device, or monitoring situation. Because the Mini Rad-DX can perform all these functions automatically, there is never any interference with the user’s primary responsibilities.  



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