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  Pre and Post Decon Modesty      Clothing & Protective Garments

OREX is the trade name for a line of garments and products that are uniquely and perfectly suited for the needs of all classifications of Emergency Responders. Although they are described as disposable, the performance and durability of the OREX fabric rival any cotton or polyester garment. Not only do they compete favorably in cost, the range of products that we offer exceeds that of any other product of this type. Our Personal Decon Kits are comprised primarily with OREX garments and towels and are priced at nearly half of our nearest competitor.

 Noted for its light weight and comfort, the OREX products are engineered and manufactured from a special, degradable polymer that is environmentally friendly. Following use, the used products can be treated using a proprietary process that dissolves the product in high temperature water (> 190 degrees F.), decontaminates it and finally chemically converts it to carbon dioxide and water, much of which is returned to the environment for reuse.


Durable, strong, soft, comfortable and breathable. These garments are inherently anti-static and the "teal" color makes for optimal modesty protection. These are the only modesty garments available in smaller (children's) sizes.



Extremely strong and considerably more durable than other disposable coveralls. These comfortable and breathable garments are inherently anti-static and have a large plastic pull tab zipper. Sizes Medium to 4XL!


The same durable and strong OREX fabric used to produces our garments is also available in wipes, towels, and sheet stock for all decontamination and clean up needs. Superior absorbency, increased strength and low linting.


Extremely strong, more durable more comfortable, and provide unmatched modesty protection when compared to traditional “hospital gowns? Sizes Medium to 4XL!





Decon Kits


The LAURUS Personal Decon Kits address the procedural and logistic issues of mass decontamination operations while offering value, comfort and durability.  The Personal Decon Kit utilizes patented OREX products that are made from a special, degradable polymer that is tough, breathable, and environmentally friendly. Following deployment, used products can be treated using a proprietary process that dissolves the product, decontaminates it, and ultimately converts it to carbon dioxide and water. 


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OREX Products


OREX provides a variety of protective clothing options and products; all designed, developed and manufactured from a family of thermoplastic polymers, including hot-water soluble PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) that may be configured into woven or non-woven fabrics and films, as well as thermoformed and extruded goods.


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OREX products perform well and are cost effective. To complete the “life cycle? design, all OREX products may also be dissolved after use in specially designed units, which chemically alter and decontaminate the used products, ultimately leading to tremendous waste volume reductions. Read more...



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