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Mirion RDS-31 Multi-Purpose Survey Meter


RDS 31
Multi Purpose
Radiation Survey Meter

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RDS-31 Multi-Purpose Survey Meter


The RDS-31S/R Multi-purpose Survey Meter is part of the RDS family of RADOS survey meters and offers modern design and an advanced approach to radiation monitoring. The RDS-31 features outstanding ergonomics; it is lightweight and easy to handle with visual, audible and vibrating alarms.


The large LCD screen includes an automatic illumination control feature with an energy saving backlight that can be easily read in total darkness and in direct sunlight. To make the instrument even easier to use, the buttons can be configured with easy to understand Shortcuts.


With a simple cable connection to existing RADOS probes, the capabilities of the RDS-31 can be extended to include the detection and measurement of other types of radiation. The meter provides an additional protective function to the user: while using external probes, the meter is simultaneously measuring the dose rate with its internal detector. This is all done in the background and an alarm is triggered in the event of a dose rate or an accumulated dose exceeding the alarm thresholds.

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