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Portable Labs and WMD Response Kits



Portable Radiation Labs




The Gamma PAL is a complete portable measuring system for analyzing radiation contamination in food, such as milk, meat, fish, grain, fruit, and vegetables, as well as soil, water, air and other materials. It allows users to directly and easily perform quick, reliable measurements in Bq/l or Bq/kg and identify the isotopes present in potentially contaminated material using one of three pre-calibrated geometries.


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RadEye Gamma
Laboratory Kit



Immediate attention to the monitoring of food in an affected area can be a primary concern and an urgent mission for radiation emergency response teams. The combination of the high performance RadEye PRD-S and the mobile Gamma Laboratory Kit allow for immediate, on-site results.


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RadEye Lab Kit



Routine inspections for radiation in food are performed economically and easily user friendly with the portable Thermo Scientific High Sensitivity Gamma Food Monitor. It supports laboratory and field measurement programs for radioactive contamination resulting from a nuclear incident or accident.


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The RADSampler is a compact yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer. Developed as a desktop unit it quickly and accurately analyzes of any small object to ensure it is free of radioactive contaminates. The RADSamplerís lead lined analyzer chamber virtually eliminates ambient background radiation producing ultra-clean, highly accurate test results.


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RadEye HEC






The RadEye HEC is a sample counting system that provides simultaneous alpha and beta measurements.  The system incorporates a 2" (5 cm) dual scintillation phosphor mated to a sliding drawer accommodating a 2" (5 cm) diameter sample. Using a height-adjustable sampling area the drawer permits the use of different sample types and must slide fully to the rear to initiate the counting.


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WMD and First Response Kits

Contamination Kit


We can custom configure any kit to best suit the needs of the end user for monitoring and finding contamination on people, food and other goods.  Please contact us so that we can help you determine the correct combination of instruments for your specific application, industry and budget. 


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LAURUS PRD Kit Personal Radiation Detector Kit

PRD Kit 


The LAURUS PRD Kit includes the Mini Rad-D and a .25 uCi check source in a rugged and compact Pelican waterproof case. The Mini Rad-D is a powerful, sensitive and rugged all-weather radiation detector thatís small enough to wear on a belt. Designed to discreetly monitor any environment without intrusion or disruption of civilian activities, the Mini Rad-D can be set to notify the user by vibration or audible alarm whenever radiation exceeds natural background levels.


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LAURUS Radiaiton Response Kit with identiFINDER2

Radiation Response Kit - idF2


The first step in providing protection for risk and vulnerability is to be able to immediately detect and respond to any potential radiological threat. The Radiation Response Kit with idF2 allows for immediate detection, monitoring and identification of the potential threat. Since not all responding organizations face the same threat levels, or are responsible for the same degree of response, LAURUS Systems designs kits that address the specific needs of the end-user.


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Decon Technician Kit


The Decon Technician Kit is  specially configured for technicians and personnel responsible for monitoring and identifying radiologically contaminated persons and objects following a radiological accident or event.  Perfectly suited for follow up to mass screening with personal portal monitoring systems.


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ERK 525



The ERK-525 is a complete, portable radiation monitoring system designed to measure a broad range of radioisotope contamination under field conditions. The system contains a state of the art, microprocessor based digital display meter that auto ranges and can detect most of the common alpha, beta & gamma radiation that is likely to be present in an emergency situation. The DSM-525 is a dual probe survey meter that measures contamination and dose levels from micro-R to 200 mR/hr


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3 Person Kit



The Three Person Kit includes Mini Rad-D, 3 RAD-60/DMC3000's, Ranger EXP, Training Guides and Check Sources.

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8 Person Kit


The Eight Person Kit includes Mini Rad-D, 8 RAD-60/DMC3000's, Ranger EXP, Training Guides and Check Sources.


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Rapid Rad

Response Kit



The Rapid Response Rad Detection Kit includes 1 HDS-100GN Radiation Search and Identification Instrument, 1 RAM R-200 Multi-purpose Survey Meter, 1 RG-10 Contamination Beta/Gamma Probe, 1 PA-100 Alpha Probe, 1 Pelican protective case for all items above.


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FH40 K-O Kit



The Thermo Scientific FH40 K-O kit offers the complete suite of radiation detectors to monitor and identify any type of radiation or radioactive material in preventative scenarios as well as emergency situations.

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PackEye FHT1377

The PackEye FHT1377 provides survey teams with a tool for effectively addressing the problems of orphaned sources, radiological contamination, and maliciously introduced sources. By virtue of the proprietary NBR-technology (Natural Background Rejection) extremely low contributions of artificial gamma radiation are quickly detected, despite much larger fluctuations of the natural gamma background radiation.


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The TraceX Explosives Kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. It detects the most common explosive materials and their precursors in a single test.  . With a single swab, the TraceX Explosives kit detects all the major families of explosive materials and their precursors. Thanks to the TraceX's simple color-change alert system, a single color indicates the presence of a particular family of explosive material. No longer does the user have to conduct serial tests, and then try to interpret the results.


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Pro HazClass Kit

A Test for the presence of protein and Ph that will Indicate if a possible bio-terrorism agent or WMD is present. The Pro HazClass Kit is very economical and simple to use.  It is fast and reliable powder test kit packaged in a durable and re-usable case


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Hazclass Kit


The Basic Hazard Classification Kit is designed to provide first responders a rapid and easy method to determine if unknown or suspicious materials present a possible chemical, radiological or biological hazard to the responder, population or surrounding environment. The procedure is not designed to identify the substance, but to determine if a possible hazard may exist. The kit may be used by any personnel with basic HazMat training skills. The kit can be used in any situation where hazardous materials may be of concern.


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BioCheck Kit



The BioCheckô Kit will screen in minutes for multiple pathogens. Any biohazard that is toxic in powder form (e.g., anthrax and ricin toxin) can be detected by this kit.'


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