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 SpectroTRACER Intelligent Gamma Spectroscopic Probe


Intelligent Gamma
Spectroscopic Probe

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SpectroTRACER Intelligent Gamma Spectroscopic Probe


The intelligent SpectroTRACER probe is a continuous measurement system for detecting lowest gamma radiation in air and on the ground, but also excellently suited for high gamma radiation measurement, e.g. in emergency cases.

SpectroTRACER performs a spectrometric analysis of the measurement to identify the detected radionuclides. The device is used for gamma monitoring whenever a pure gamma dose rate monitor is not efficient enough or if it is necessary to qualify the nature of the gamma radiation.

All components are integrated in a hermetically sealed housing allowing permanent and maintenance-free operation even under harsh conditions. The compact design of the probe includes: detector HV preamp MCA low power PC LAN interface Optional: GPS, wireless data transmission modules, GM module (two tubes, up to 10 Sv/h). Input for external devices: meteo station, rain sensor etc. Seismic qualified version available.

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