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Thermo RadEye GN Series Gamma/Neutron Pagers


GN Series

 Gamma Neutron Pagers

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RadEye GN and RadEye GN+ High Sensitivity Gamma Neutron Pagers


The new RadEyeTM GN Series Gamma Neutron Pagers combine the superior performance of the Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD Gamma Pager with a very high neutron sensitivity that meets the time-to-alarm requirements of ANSI 42.32 and IEC 62401. The RadEye GN Series includes new significantly enhanced performance of the built-in NBR circuitry (NBR = Natural Background Rejection).


The RadEye GN / GN+ is engineered with distinguishable audible and visible alarms alerting the operator to a reading of gamma, neutron or both. The instrument is equipped with a multi-colored LED alarm, muli-tonal alarms and a flashing count-rate/dose-rate display with critical detection readings. The RadEye GN / GN+ offers different audible alarms, discriminating between elevated background/NORM and any artificial isotope alarm.


Both RadEye GN and RadEye GN+ incorporate a single highly sensitive scintillation detector which is equipped with a miniature photo-multiplier allowing the detection of very low radiation levels of both gamma and neutron radiation. The ability to measure both types of radiation from any source with a single detector provides superior detection capabilities in a very small and compact instrument design. The RadEye GN uses a conventional Li-6 doped scintillator material and the RadEye GN+ contains a Ce doped Cs2LiYCl6 (CLYC) crystal. CLYC provides superior gamma neutron separation enabling the use of the RadEye GN+ even in scenarios of combined gamma neutron fields containing high energy gamma radiation.




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