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Thermo RadEye NL Personal Neutron Radiation Detector


RadEye NL
 Personal Neutron
Radiation Detector

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RadEye NL Neutron PRD




The Thermo Scientific RadEye NL delivers portability for neutron measurements primarily for nuclear facilities such as power plants and particle accelerators. Historically, spherical or cylindrical Remcounters have been used which are heavy and bulky. And in some applications, the cumbersome nature of Remcounters can make them infeasible or possibly even dangerous depending on the application.


The Radeye NL is a small lightweight pager which can be conveniently carried in the hand, worn in a holster, or used with a telescopic extender for intensity measurements of low energy neutrons. After insertion into a 2 kg “Rem-Shoe” with handle, energy compensated neutron dose rate response is provided with semispherical acceptance angle.




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