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 RadEye SPRD-ER Extended Range Spectroscopic PRD



Extended Range
Spectroscopic PRD

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RadEye SPRD-ER Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector



The RadEye SPRD-ER is a high-performance radiation detection and radionuclide analyzer designed to detect, locate and identify radioactive nuclides such as nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, orphaned or purposely masked sources.


Protect first responders with the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD-ER Personal Radiation Detector. By providing significant detector sensitivity for search and find, combined with accurate high dose rate radiation measurement, the SPRD-ER is a suitable Geiger counter for all users and may be the only radiation detector you need. The SPRD-ER radiation detector identifies the nature of the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills – from simple artificial vs. natural distinction; to industrial, SNM, and medical classification; to full spectroscopic analysis.







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