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 RadEye Spectroscopic PRD (SPRD GN)


Spectroscopic PRD

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RadEye SPRD GN with CLYC



The RadEye SPRD-GN uses a sophisticated spectroscopic Cs2LiYCl6:Ce detector that is both gamma and neutron sensitive to achieve its pager size. The performance of this can only be matched by much larger instruments that incorporate one detector for gamma radiation and a separate He-3 proportional counter tube for neutron detection.


The SPRD-GN combines the unique CLYC radiation detection capability with pulse shape discrimination (PSD) to effectively separate the gamma radiation from neutron radiation. More specifically, the neutron background count rate of the SPRD-GN contains true neutron events only which allows the setting of very sensitive neutron count rate alarm levels. Lastly, a continuous reference for fine gain adjustments associated with gamma IDs is accomplished by monitoring the cosmic background neutron peak in the spectrum. This permanent source-less stabilization of the complete system is achieved even over open water where there is an absence of any naturally occurring radioactivity




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