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 RadEye Spectroscopic PRD (SPRD) Kit



Spectroscopic PRD

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RadEye SPRD Kit


Arrive at the scene with a compact tool set for quick, efficient, and accurate radiation detection, nuclide identification and data management. The RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Radiation Detector KIT bundles a RadEye™ SPRD with a compact belt holster, easy to use hardware and software tools for PC-based data review and transfer, and a Lutetium Test Adapter for quick and reliable performance verification all in a compact, robust transportation case ideal for first responders and emergency response teams.


The RadEye SPRD provides first responders and law enforcement teams like border guards or special forces with high performance detection and radionuclide analysis for any scenario. Metal recyclers and producers that need to detect, locate and identify orphan radionuclides in their incoming scrap material can now add an additional level of security, using the RadEye SPRD.


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