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 FLIR identiFINDER R400


identiFINDER R400

 Handheld Spectroscopic Radiation
Detection and Identification

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The identiFINDER R400 is a logical extension of the original identiFINDER series of handheld radioisotope identification detector (RIID) instruments. The thousands of identiFINDERs currently deployed worldwide have provided ICx with a tremendous resource for suggestions and comments on how to improve the already exceptional identiFINDER. The identiFINDER R400 is the result of these comments and suggestions.


The monochrome LCD display has been replaced with a TFT LCD, 64k color, 320 by 240 pixel display that is readable in virtually all light conditions. The spectrum is continuously LED peak stabilized to handle a wide range of count rates and conditions with no peak interference in the identification spectrum. Wired communication uses a micro USB connector, USB 2.0, or wireless via a Class 2.0 Bluetoothİ interface, with a 33 ft (10m) range, which supports the reach-back capability, also provided. A Web interface is provided via USB emulated TCPIP (LAN) for monitoring and configuring the identiFINDER R400. A twelve channel, Sirf III GPS is included for incident location. Data storage has been enlarged to 1 GB to save more spectra and event information.


Unchanged are the size, shape and weight; the three button (4th for power) operation; the scintillation, neutron and GM detector types, sizes and sensitivities; the screens and menus, when operated in the original identiFINDER mode; the types of alarms; the radionuclide identification accuracy; and the reliability, support and service.




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