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Frequently Asked Questions

BioCheck Powder Assessment Kit

Mini Rad-D

RAD60 Dosimeter


Natural Background Rejection (NBR)

Rad-D Portal

Instadose FAQ

OREX Garments


Instrument Manuals Available for Download

Air Sampler-H-810 DC; PDF or Word Document  

PM-12 Personnel Portal Monitor

RC22 Wand Survey Meter

AlphaGuard Radon Monitor

PM-1703M Gamma Radiation Paging Device

RDS-200 Survey Meter

AM-255 Remote Alarm System

PM-1703GN Gamma Neutron Paging Device

RDS-30 Survey Meter

AMP-100 Area Monitor Probe

PM-700 Gamma Personnel Monitor


Arrow-Tech Pocket Dosimeters

PM-704 Personnel Portal Monitor


Chameleon Detection Kit Instructions

PRM-470 Handheld Monitor

RDS-80A - Serial No. <30XXX

Chem-ID Users Manual 3.3

Rad-D & Rad-D PRM

RDS-80A - Serial No. >30XXX

DMC-2000 Training (Windows Media File)

RadEye B20

RHandy Handheld Survey Meter

DMC-2000 Operating Manual

RadEye G20-10

SOR Dosimeters

DMC-3000 Operating Manual

RadEye GF Series


DRM Family of Radiation Monitors

RadEye PRD

Teletector 6112M

Fuji DOSE-i Dosimeter R Version

RadEye SPRD TPM 903B Portal Monitor

Fuji DOSE-i Dosimeter S Version

RadEye SPRD Quick Start Guide Tracerco PED-IS

H-810 BL Air Sampler

Rad-DX Tracerco PED Blue/Plus

H-810 DC Air Sampler

Rad-DX - NEMA Enclosure Tracerco T202

H-809 V Air Sampler

Rad-DX Cal Procedure Tracerco T202 Quick Start

Hand-Foot Fibre

Radiation Alert Area Monitor UltraRadiac Plus

Inspector and Inspector EXP Manual

Radiation Frisker UltraRadiac Cal Check - FC2B

Inspector USB

Rad-ID Isotope Identifier VM-250 Gamma Vehicle Monitor

GR-135 Plus

RAD51 Calibration Procedure WB Johnson AM-801

MSpec Gamma Spec

RAD60 Alarming Dosimeter WB Johnson AM-801-Ser # 269+

Mini Rad-D Gamma PRD

Ranger WB Johnson AM-806

Mini Rad-D Gen-3 PRD

Ranger EXP WB Johnson DSM-501

Mini Rad-DX Advanced PRD

Rapiscan 6xx X-ray Systems WB Johnson DSM-506

Mini Rad-V Manual

RC2 Survey Meter WB Johnson DSM-525






Software Manuals Available for Download

DosiFFR User's Manual


NRRPT Exam Review Manual

DOSIMASS User's Manual

DX-View Quick Start Guide

RAD51 Calibration Procedure



RAD60 ADR-1 Configuration Software Manual


White Papers and Technical Descriptions

Chameleon Technical Data  

 Rad-ID Sensor Fusion - White Paper

RC4000 Vehicle Monitor - White Paper

"Cricket" Grapple Monitor - White Paper

 Rad Safety for Scrap Metal

Software Demos

ReSource Software-Demo Exe File (Zip file)


Software Downloads (Right Click/Save As)


Calibration Software for the  DRM

LDM-210/220 Reader Firmware Fix (Zip file) Rad-D PC Bluetooth Client Pack (Zip File)


Configuration Software for RAD-60 (Windows 7)

LDM-210/220 Reader Firmware Fix (Zip file) Rad-D GUI


DMC User Software

RAD51 Calibration Software Rad-ID PC Software Ver 1.72 (Zip File)


DOSIMASS-M (DMC 2000-Zip file)

RDS-30/40/80A Software for Windows 7

RMV 4.4.2 for DRM




Calibration Procedures; RAD50 and RAD60 Series Dosimeters


Performing a Manual Calibration Check

Performing a Calibration with the ADR-1 Configuration Kit (Reader and Software)

Customer and Product Notes


DMC User Software Upgrade Notice

Interceptor Support Notice  

DMC 2000 Obsolescence Process

MINI-Z for Prison Applications  

Fentanyl Detection with FLIR GC-MS

Morphix Tracex is Now Robot Ready!  

Instadose Order Form

Tracex - Explosive Detection in Scrap Metal  

Resources, Grant Funding Opportunities

10 CFR Part 37

FEMA Port Security Grant Program Morphix Tracex is Now Robot Ready!

CDC - Radiation Hazard Scale

FEMA Preparedness (Non-Disaster Grants) Natural Background Rejection (NBR)

DHS FY 2018 Preparedness Grants

GM Pancake - All You Need to Know! Radiation Measurement Units Conversion

FEMA Authorized Equipment List

Los Alamos Radiation Monitoring Handbook  





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