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LAURUS Systems New Products and News

The LAURUS Systems team works every day to solve new challenges by finding innovative radiation, chemical and trace detection solutions and products to meet the needs of our customers. LAURUS has provided radiation detection and monitoring instruments since 2001 and unlike the manufacturer's, we offer choices and assist the customer in choosing the right tool for the job. Our mission is to provide the best instrumentation for the application. Check back here often as we are constantly updating our product list and adding new products to better serve LAURUS customers.

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Ranger/EXP/Monitor 200
FLIR identiFINDER R100 Personal Radiation Detector PRD 
identiFINDER R100
 FLIR identiFINDER R200 Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector SPRD 
 FLIR Fido X2 is an ultra-lightweight, handheld explosives trace detector (ETD)
FLIR Fido X2

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 RC99 Traffic Radiation Monitor

RC-99 Covert

Traffic Monitor


Rapiscan PM704 transportable personnel monitor



Radiation Frisker Handheld Radiation Contamination Monitor

Radiation Frisker



Radiation Alert Radiation Area Monitor

Radiation Alert

Radiation Area Monitor

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D-Tect Sentry RMS Multi-Sensor Radiaiton and Security Detection System

sentry RMS


Mini Rad-DX Mesh-Networked Advanced PRD

Mini Rad-DX

Advanced PRD



GR135 - SYCLONE RIID Retro Fit Program

RIID Upgrade/Retrofit



Scanning all scrap material for radioactivity is a wise investment!

Protecting Your Facility

From Radioactive Material  

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