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The ADR-1 Configuration Kit allows the user to change dosimeter settings, perform calibration (with applicable source), assign a user ID and name.  The ADR-1 dialog window displays the configuration information of the dosimeter. You can change the configuration to meet the users requirements by choosing the options you want to include in the dosimeter.


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DosiFFR Dosimeter Management SoftwareDosiFFR Software



  The DosiFFR dosimeter management software application enables users to manage dosimeter, personnel and exposure data. The single workstation system provides for straightforward log -in/log-out of personnel and the configuration of DMC2000, SOR and DMC3000 electronic self-reading dosimeters.  It is ideal for use in the field and in a limited user environment where quick instrument issue and return is a necessary and significant feature.


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DosiServ Health Physics Dose Management Software  DosiServ Software


    The DosiServ software is a Windows based stand-alone or enterprise application for dosimeter, personnel and exposure management. Through the easily maintained single database, DosiServ manages exposure data across a large or small population of dosimeters. DosiServ also organizes and maintains work permits, tasks, worker qualifications and health physics equipment.


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ReadiTrak Instrument Inventory and Management System





ReadiTrak™ simplifies the management of equipment warranties, service contracts, repairs and deployments with a single, user-friendly app. Enjoy fast, 24/7 access to all your equipment data and technical support information. ReadiTrak™ has everything you need to improve the readiness of your equipment and your team. Empower responders with the tools and information necessary to maintain and use their equipment at peak operational capacity.


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Training CD

New and easy to use training guide for the proper use and care of the Rados RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter.  Illustrates procedures for use, wearing, programming and maintenance of the dosimeter. An inexpensive method of training personnel.  Training runs on any web browser for system-wide access.


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NRRPT Exam Review Program



The NRRPT Exam Review Program is unlike any other exam preparation program in the country, the NRRPT Exam Review is a fully interactive system that provides rapid, effective preparation for the NRRPT examination. The program includes extensive information on each required objective, and three, timed practice exams with feedback as well as graphics and animations to explain subject matter and aid in comprehension of abstract concepts.


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Principles of Radiation Detection (PRD) is an interactive Windows® CD-ROM training program using graphics, animation and audio to capture the attention of the trainee. Principles of Radiation Detection describes in detail, the design, construction and operation of all types of radiation detection devices. Visualize the operation of a photomultiplier tube! Adjust the voltage source of a gas filled detector and see the effects on screen! Follow electrons and holes as they move through a semiconductor!


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Spill Response Trainer



The Spill Response Trainer was designed to be useable with little or no documentation. To use the application, simply start it and explore the lab by clicking on various items. Dialog boxes will pop up with various options, including a "Help" button, which provides guidance on how and why to perform certain tasks. The Spill Response Trainer follows the familiar pneumonic for spill response: SWIM. S: Stop the spill. W: Warn others. I: Isolate the area. M: Minimize your exposure. The objects in the lab provide the functionality to complete those actions.


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Radiation Alert Observer Software Observer


The Observer software runs on a Windows platform and reads in Counts, CPM, and CPS and has the ability to collect, log, and perform statistical analysis on the data received. The data is displayed on a graph as well as digital and analog on-screen meters and can be saved or printed in various ways including a spreadsheet format. The dwell/count time can be adjusted for each point on the graph. You can also set the length of time for the count. The on-screen meters in the software have adjustable settings as well as a settable alarm in CPM. There are both visual and audio indicators, and you can play the meter click through your PC speakers.  


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Nuclear Medicine Patient Release Software (NMPRS) is effortless, efficient, and an unbeatable development in maintaining compliance with the new patient release criteria, it’s an outstanding assist for practitioners of nuclear medicine. It performs required calculations, generates patient instruction sheets, and creates file documentation—all based on the new Reg. Guide 8.39 guidelines—automatically! 


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